Our full-service-package

You take care of your patients as usual, our experienced specialists develop treatment plans and based on that our transparent Aligners. Thus you broaden your treatment spectrum and guarantee your patients a high standard treatment at the same time.

Our full-service-package

By experts, for experts

Treatment plans provided by our team of doctors

All our treatment plans are developed by our experienced team of doctors. The aligners necessary for the treatment and appropriate instructions will be sent directly to your practice. This ensures the optimum impact of our K Clear Aligners.

Trough the support of our experienced doctors you will be able to correct teeth misalignments effective and cost-efficient on a simple way. Our experts will support you from the first impression to the completed treatment result. To ensure highest scientific standards all communication takes place trough our specially developed portal.

In case you have remarks concerning your cases and specific treatment plans our doctors will take those into account. Day by day we convince our customers from all over the world of us and our products. Let us convince you, too!

Advantages of our concept


We are devoting ourselves to perfection and use only premium materials in the production of your Aligners.


K Line collaborates with specialists and dental professionals, who have considerable experience with K Clear Aligner treatments. Therefore we guarantee you and your patient the best possible treatment and the predicted result.


We provide you a detailed schedule from submission of the documents to the delivery of our Aligners. Our production is attuned to that to provide you optimal frequency of visits.


Based on our self-developed Aligner design we offer the most effective technology in the field of dentistry and orthodontics. For us precise tooth movement has the highest priority. We are applying newest 3D technology and investing in the future of dentistry.


We offer flexibility in our work and in our product portfolio. In case you have capabilities for supporting the Aligner production we are pleased to adopt them and to lower your costs even more. Thus you can provide your patients the optimal product and service at the same time.


Our customer support is reliable, fast and friendly. Furthermore you can reach us through our portal www.klineportal.com.

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